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FORCEMEDIC is a true sports and sports physiotherapy clinic, where most treatments are reimbursed by private insurance. Our specialized physicians, as well as our experienced physiotherapists team, offer consultations to treat all injuries related to sports activities and they are ready to help you fully recover from injuries, from pain or chronic conditions caused by wear or excess.


A sports physician has a specialized training, he is a member of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM), and has the skills to identify and provide appropriate care for patients who are physically active. The scope of expertise of a sports physician encompasses health promotion, well-being, prevention and fitness, as well as diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries and illnesses.

Furthermore, a sports physician must have a wealth of knowledge in several areas and disciplines. He must be able, among other things, to diagnose, to recognize and treat injuries and conditions, to recommend exercise programs, to perform physical examinations before sports participation, to know current pharmaceutical needs for injury treatments as well as doping control and supplements, and, finally, to coordinate rehabilitation and an eventual return to sports or activities with our team of physiotherapists.

The sports physician is also able to educate coaches, athletes, parents, referees and administrators on benefits of physical exercises, prevention, awareness and injuries identification.

Our rehabilitation team can play an important role in the care and well-being of athletes. Whether for amateur or elite athletes, our professionals are qualified to do an adequate follow-up according to the client’s needs and goals. Our therapists are here to assess and identify musculoskeletal problems, treat them, promote a return to training and prevent recurrences.

Our rehabilitation team work also involves:

The combination of these services allows to treat and prevent all types of muscular, joint or functional injuries, regain muscular flexibility and vitality, and helps maintain optimal cardiovascular activity.

At Forcemedic, our sports medicine department also offers medical assistance and a follow-up service in schools and universities as well as in sports establishments.

If you have any questions about sports medicine, please contact our FORCEMEDIC call center at 514-225-9520 to request a consultation with a sports physician.