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Driving a car definitely provides a strong sense of autonomy and personal freedom. Accidents, ageing and health problems can alter a person’s ability to drive and make it increasingly difficult to do so. In order to ensure the safety of drivers and other road users, the Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ) sometimes requires people who have had a road accident or have reached a certain age to undergo an assessment of driving capacity. It is also possible to be assessed on a volunteer basis if people feel that their motor, cognitive or perceptual skills may present a risk to themselves or to others.


Driving is an important daily activity for many of us. Since the safe operation of a vehicle requires both physical and cognitive abilities, a person with deficits in either of these areas can have a limited ability to drive safely. When a functional problem makes obtaining a driver’s license uncertain, a screening and an assessment of the driving capacity must be done to ensure that the person is able to drive a vehicle safely.


Occupational therapists are trained to assess the physical, perceptual and cognitive abilities needed to ensure safe driving. They are also trained to find solutions for improving people’s driving capacity and ability to access vehicles.

At FORCEMEDIC, our specialized occupational therapists have the knowledge and experience to assist anyone referred by the SAAQ, as well as those who want to help them assess their driving capacity and provide them with the tools they need to drive safely for as long as possible. Occupational therapists can also assist clients whose driver’s licenses have been temporarily or permanently suspended because their driving is deemed unsafe.


Eligible clients must be aged 16 or older, and have a significant and persistent decrease in their motor or neurological capabilities.


  • Société d’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ) document notifying the client of the need to undergo a functional assessment of driving capacity with an occupational therapist
  • M-28 (medical form to be filled out by the treating physician)
  • Other medical documents specifying the client’s condition (e.g. forms completed by a neurologist, ophthalmologist, optometrist, psychiatrist)


1- Medical history
2- Information regarding the vehicle
3- Evaluation of physical capacity related to driving
4- Evaluation of oculo-visual condition
5- Evaluation of perceptual-cognitive condition

Duration :  2-3 h

1- Joint on-road assessment by an occupational therapist and a qualified driving instructor
2- Assessment of the client’s ability to drive safely while performing various road manoeuvres (e.g. awareness of surroundings).

Duration :  1 – 1,5 h

An evaluation report will be sent to the SAAQ.

* Costs and durations may vary according to the type of evaluation and the medical and physical condition of the driver. For more information, please contact our call center on the 514-787-1818.

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