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As a result of a traffic accident or a work-related one, some symptoms may occur, such as fear, stress, insomnia, depression, loss of appetite, etc. Sometimes, when these symptoms persist and affect your quality of life, an appointment with a psychologist is recommended.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is defined by the fact that you are having trouble resuming the activity that caused the accident or trauma, for example, resuming driving or a specific work-related task or just work itself.

The psychologist’s intervention focuses on your psychological and emotional well-being by actively listening to your needs and, therefore, assists you in your process of introspection. The trauma-focused cognitive behavioral approach purpose is to:

  • Reduce the symptoms you experience through relaxation techniques;
  • Discuss your beliefs and perceptions that have changed since the trauma;
  • Perform trauma desensitization: relive the trauma by narrating your memories related to the accident and regain control of your emotional, cognitive and physical reactions;
  • Do exposure therapy: a very gradual approach to resume a traumatic activity. Example A: Gradual assistance while resuming driving. Example B: Return to work by first viewing a photo of the premises, possibly moving to the workplace, etc.


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