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FORCEMEDIC is now accredited GMF-R (medical Super-Clinic) since June 2017 for our Jean-Talon Location (FM1) and, since July 2018, for our Montreal-West Location (FM3).  FORCEMEDIC and its network of 6 medical clinics wishes to improve the health and well-being of each patient, as well as the access to medical services on the Island of Montreal to reduce the use of Emergency rooms in hospitals.

Forcemedic’s walk-in medical service provides patients that have no family doctor with a fast and high-quality medical service. Our six locations across the island of Montreal guarantee a closer proximity.

As a medical Super-Clinic, FORCEMEDIC is committed to:

  • Offer consultations to patients without a family doctor or the ones enrolled in another GMF;
  • Be open 7 days a week, 12 hours a day (FM1 and FM3).

We also offer sampling and medical imagery services on site or nearby. In addition, certain specialized services are easily accessible.

For a quick appointment with our doctors, we are in the process of setting up an online medical appointment booking system that will greatly reduce your waiting time. Most of our services are covered by the RAMQ and by the vast majority of private insurance companies.

Stay tuned for news and updates by visiting our website regularly!

Our GMF-R Super-Clinics are located at:

1021 Jean-Talon Street East, Montreal (QC) H2R 1V6
1 Ave. Westminster N, Montreal (QC) H4X 1Y8

Please note that it is best to contact FORCEMEDIC before coming, to know the opening hours of our clinics as well as our traffic flow, at 514-787-1818.

Prise de rendez-vous bonjour santé

* Bonjour-santé requires the entry of the medial insurance number (RAMQ card). Patients who wish to take an appointment, but do not have this card are asked to contact the clinic directly at 514 787-1818.